June, 2005

The new Parintins festival site is already online. Please visit it at www.boibumba.com

May, 2005

My apologies to anybody visiting this site for not updating it. Since early 2003 I have over 140GB of unprocessed photos. For over a year I did not have the time to do any editing. However, now I am setting up a new site that will be dedicated solely to the Bmba festival in Parintins, Brazil. It will be ready in a couple of weeks.

August, 2003

Under pressure from friends uploaded a quick-and-dirty version of the Argentina - Chile - Bolivia page. Other albums will have to wait. I prefer to use my remaining time in Brazil to shoot while deferring image processing for later.

July, 2003

Several more trips, but no time to process the images. So far backlogged are photos from Argentina - Chile - Bolivia, Pantanal, Parintins, Amazonia.

3/23, 2003

Back home. 12,000 km plus 4500 pics in 21 days. Murphy's law "if anything can go wrong, it will" aptly summarizes the whole experience.

2/28, 2003 Leaving for Andes and Atacama tomorrow - with the 1Ds (which seems to work just fine). Unfortunately, this time I will be driving alone.
Feb., 200 Preparing for a trip to the Andes and the Atacama desert in early March - hopefully with the new 1Ds I have not seen yet.
Jan., 2003 10-day trip to Amazonia. Presidente Figuereido near Manaus, reseerva do Piranha / Manacapuru, Morro do Seis Lagos close to Sao Gabriel de Cachoeira. Not as exciting as it sounds.
Nov.-Dec., 2002 Pantanal again - this time just for a long weekend.
Nov., 2002 Sold my D30 and the Hensel Portfy flash. The Porty was just to heavy to carry around most of the time. Bought a Canon G2 from BH for a friend - it arrived with a dead pixel.
Sep., 2002 The pictures from Parintins and Amazonia are still not ready due to many simultaneous changes in the workflow (and to my job). However, I managed to combine doing some real work with shooting some photos in the Pantanal.
7/20, 2002 Three weeks ago shot some pictures at Festa do Boi in Parintins and during a boat trip near Maues (both in Amazonia). In the meantime working on an improved digital workflow (storing raw image EXIF/CIFF tags in a database).
5/1, 2002 Took the "plunge" - bought the Canon 500/4L IS. This definitely is a bad year for the budget.
3/20, 2002 Received the "big D" (Canon 1d). After the D30 the autofocus seems unbelievably fast. Unfortunately, the camera arrived defective - it locks up when trying to access the big LCD screen on the back of the body (e.g. to display menus or photos). So the camera goes back to where it came from (US, Ritz camera).